Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate & Construction

Real estate development is a multi targeted, multi user and multifaceted business, simply stated involves changing the state of land use from lower value stage to a higher value stage. The activates is range from the renovation of existing land or building to the purpose of the sale of improved land or building. Change in property (land or building) use takes time, typically requiring large injections of capital and other resources. Generally many developers also construct the property. Real estate developers are the key member or coordinators of the activities, converting their ideas on paper into real property.  Developers buy the selected land, finance to real estate deals, build or have builders build projects, imagine, create, control and arrange the process of development from the beginning to end.

Construction is different from Real estate development; Construction is an art or process of creating and building infrastructure and also is a method of project delivery as it creates a direct relationship with the client, construction is typically done on location for a known client. Construction begins from planning, design, and financing and continues until the project is built or complete and ready for use. An effective planning is essential for the successful execution of a project. In general, three classification of construction are industrial, infrastructure and buildings. Industrial includes such as mills, manufacturing plants, refineries, power generation unit and process chemical. Infrastructure is often called highway/ heavy, heavy engineering or heavy civil. It includes such as highways, dams, large public works, water/wastewater, bridges, and utility distribution. Building construction is usually further divided into non-residential and residential (institutional/ commercial).


Real Estate & Construction ERP

The problem, complexity and difficulty of Real Estate and Construction Industry can be analyzed, model as a system, designed and developed by dedicated Software. That Integrates Business Development, Legal, Mediator, Engineering, Purchase, Sales, General Expenses, Finance, HR & Payroll, Rental, Property Management, and Document Management .That will minimize the use of resources, to help every one of those shipments get processed faster through the use of dedicated real time software.

1. Business Development / Land

This module Contains Property related information such as Land, Location, Land Agent, Payment details of Land Owner, Tenant Management, and Google Geo Maps Integration.

2. Legal Management

This module focus on review and verification of Legal documents such as Contracts, Sale Deeds, Court Case management, legal related work and Sanctions orders, Budgets and Payments for Legal.

3. Govt Order

This module attaches and reviews Sanction order Details for land, plot and Properties , Pre print documentation templates and letters required for Clearances , Standard NOC, Enter Payment information related to getting govt order .

4. Material & Cost Estimation

5. Inventory & Store Management

6. Sales

This module maintains the unit sales stock (sold, blocked, on hold, un released, and available property details). Customer Profile (CRM, Customer interaction Management), Booking form, payment Schedule, receipts against schedule, creation of receipt, interest on delayed payment, demand letter auto generation, reminders for payment and collection, Marketing planning, Budgets/Forecasting, Brokerage and Agent Management, Email and SMS Templates for wishes, greetings, payment.

7. General Expenses

This module note all the non-project and overhead expenses Such as Create Budgets by location, Company, Department, Submit Expenses and claim reimbursable, Create general Work Orders and Purchase Orders for localized purchases, government related tax,

8. Finance

This module is the centre system contains accounts group, sub group, ledger creation, Voucher creation process, voucher payments, Auto ledger posting to the Financial Accounting System, Tax (service tax, VAT, TDS, etc.) Maser creation and calculation , and Bank reconciliation.

9. HR & Payroll

This module captures all labour and employee related data such as Create employee Profile, Manage all key data elements of employee including statutory requirements of PAN, Permanent Address, Insurance, etc..., Full integrated into Payroll module with e-Payslip facility which automatically links to inbox of employee online with history, Auto creation of Group and Ledger, All Tax filing compliances including TDS, Service Tax VAT, etc...

10. Rental & Lease

The Rental and Leasing module allows the user to manage owned and tenanted properties that are put on Long Term Leases or short term rentals. 

11. Asset Management

12. Document Management

Document Management System allows the user to manage all documents produced by the work flows in the system automatically and also upload scanned documents and drawings for safe keeping and easy access online.

13. Agreement Generation

14. Access Control Matrix

15. MIS Report